Imagine having a magic potion that makes you feel less stressed, and at the same time improves your skin and hair? This is all possible thanks to Maca Root.

What Is Maca?

Maca is a superfood that has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine due to its high healing properties.

Maca not only supports the stress response system, but powers up energy, balances hormone levels, and promotes better cognitive functioning.

Maca Root from the Andes mountains is an all-in-one herb, it contains macro and micronutrients that are key to supporting a healthy body.

Maca Has a High Nutritional Content

Maca root provides all eight essential amino acids, as well as phytonutrients, sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, iodine, and iron, and let’s not forget about its vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, Copper, and Zinc.

Anti-Stress Benefits of Maca

  • Helps deal better with stress

Maca belongs to the adaptogenic herbs family, adaptogens help the body adapt and deal better with different physical or psychological stressors that can affect your daily life.

  • Promotes a calm attitude 

Maca contains two important nutrients to balance hormones, macaenes, and macamides. When hormone levels are well balanced your stress levels are lower and your attitude is more relaxed and peaceful.

  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression

Research suggests that flavonoids found in Maca root may have a positive effect in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, like fatigue, mood swings, and stress.

  • Increases energy

Low energy is an indicator of stress, maca is a natural energizer that promotes vitality and increases energy levels in a more sustainable way than other energizers.  

Maca promotes stamina and energy needed to exercise, an activity that has been shown to decrease stress.

Beauty Benefits of Maca

  • Alter curves and body shape

Maca enhances muscle growth and promotes muscle repair during exercise performance.

It also helps balance hormone levels, which can affect how fat and muscle are distributed in the body, along with an exercise routine that can shape curves and build bigger buttocks.

  • Promote hair growth

Maca has been shown to stimulate the scalp when applied topically. Maca nutrients help improve hair thickness and strength, which helps reduce hair loss and breakage.

  • Reduce premenstrual pimples 

Maca keeps hormones in check—a plus to reduce the onset of PMS pimples. Also, this miracle root helps speed up the healing process of PMS pimples, thanks to Manganese and Zinc.

  • Promotes a healthy skin

Maca is rich in Vitamins E and D, both essential for collagen production and younger-looking skin. Other vitamins and proteins found in Maca promote brighter and tighter skin.

Maca contains Antioxidants that help fight off free radicals and protect the skin from sun damage.

How to Take Maca?

There are a few easy ways to incorporate Maca root into your diet.

  1. Add Navitas Organics Maca Powder to your smoothies, yogurt, oats, or baked goods.
  2. Take 1 tablet a day of Bio Nutrition Maca-Max, and obtain all the benefits of gelatinized Maca.

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