As a woman, there might come a time in your life when you feel like your body’s going through a series of problems with no clear explanation. These include suddenly gaining or losing weight, fatigue, muscle aches, and mood swings. Many times, these are symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

Hormones are your body’s messengers. They intervene in several body functions, such as metabolism and growth. Thus, if there is a lower or higher amount of a certain hormone in your body than there should be, you will quickly notice the negative effects.

These imbalances are usually caused by problems with your thyroid, stress, or eating disorders, so certain drugs can help treat them. However, in this article, we will present you with natural alternatives that can help restore your hormone balance.

Maca Root

Maca, also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is a plant that has been used for hundreds of generations as food and medicine. It is said to help with certain health issues, including low sex drive, respiratory conditions, and infertility.

Because of this reason, the demand for maca products has grown in recent years, which has made it easier to find them in the market in different presentations. Women usually take it to regulate their menstrual cycle and reduce hormonal discomfort during postmenopause.

Aside from these properties, this root carries healthy nutrients, like alkaloids, amino acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains flavonoids, which help to regulate humor and reduce anxiety. This means it can be used to counter the effects of postnatal depression as well as mood changes during menstruation.


You may have heard of flaxseed for its ability to lower cholesterol and sugar in blood, and because of its digestive effects. It may also be a great ally for women struggling with fertility and weight issues.

Not only does it improve digestion and increase the feeling of fullness, but it also aids in promoting normal ovulation, which improves chances of conception and restores the hormonal balance. There are some studies which point out that it is able to lower the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women.

Pumpkin seed

The intake of pumpkin seeds is associated with several benefits for women. For starters, they are a good source of vitamins, such as A, B12, and C, and also calcium, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. Basically, these seeds are a cocktail of nutrients that are good for your body.

They are believed to support progesterone production and to help during the estrogen-dominant follicular phase of ovulation, which ensures proper egg maturity. It may also aid in reducing risk of osteoporosis, hair loss, and even certain types of hormone-related cancer.

Black Cohosh Root

This root was commonly used in Native American medicine. It is said to help ease menopause and PMS symptoms, to support hormonal balance and to regulate periods. It is mainly used by women going through menopause, as the effects to reduce its discomfort have been more widely recognized.

Some people also claim that it aids with the polycystic ovarian syndrome, improving the possibility of getting pregnant for those women affected with this very common condition. It may also be of help in treating arthritis and high blood pressure.

There is no doubt that these roots and seeds have been used for a long time as traditional medicine for a reason. However, you should not rely solely on them. They are but a complement to an overall healthy lifestyle that you should always strive for.