There is a reason why creatine stands out amongst such a massive amount of workout supplements. Hundreds of scientific papers and studies support its efficiency as a performance booster, especially for those people that want to gain muscle mass.

It is also one of the public’s favorites because of its cost-benefit ratio, which makes it ideal for people looking to add extra support to their physical development, even if they are living on a tight budget.

Keep reading if you want to know what creatine can do for your body and workout!

Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally found in muscles, but you can also obtain it from your meals, particularly through eating meats like beef, pork, chicken, and fish. However, supplements do the job of isolating this substance for you, which is why most gym enthusiasts and athletes consume it through this method.

How Does It Work?

When lifting weight, your body uses the organic compound called adenosine triphosphate, better known as ATP. It is your muscles’ main source of energy, as it helps with their contractions and propagation of nerve impulses. However, as with any other source of energy, it starts running out at some point after repeated and intense usage of your muscles.

This is when creatine comes in handy. It is a substance that can aid in replenishing your ATP reserves, allowing your body to push itself further and work harder for more time. This means you may be able to do more repetitions per set on your workouts because you will have more energy to do so.

It might even help you to lift more weight, which will make your exercises much more effective, promoting bigger muscle gains in the long term.

Muscle Hydration

Among its many benefits, creatine supplements may increase intramuscular water retention during the first weeks of use. This will be reflected in a slight increase in weight, but you shouldn’t worry!

Contrary to what you may think, instead of affecting your body shape for the worse, fluid retention within your muscle tissues tends to make you look more muscular. This extra hydration leads to cell swelling, a common outcome from exercises, which is favored by weightlifters because it makes muscles look more defined.

Vegans and Vegetarians

People that don’t add food from animal sources to their diets can see even greater benefits from using creatine supplements. As mentioned above, this amino acid is found in meats, which means vegans and vegetarians have no way to consume it from food alone.

They might enjoy a noticeable increase in strength and better performance during workouts, which translates into more gains and less burnout.

Should You Add Creatine To Your Workout Routine?

Creatine helps to replenish your energy levels and increases the amount of weight you can lift. This means you will be able to see a significant improvement in your everyday performance, eventually leading to better results from your workouts.

If you want to gain more muscle mass and power up during your exercises, you should consider adding a creatine supplement to your routine.

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