We’ve already talked about the terrible consequences of accumulated stress on your health and we’ve given you tips on how to prevent it. But sometimes it is impossible to avoid it, and you must find a way to take care of it once it has settled in.

Luckily, there are natural solutions that can help to make stress management easy for you. Keep reading to figure out which one is best for your case!


The Ashwagandha shrub grows in Asia and Africa, and it is a highly revered component of Indian medicine. It is known for its wide range of health benefits, which include aiding brain functions, such as memory and focus, potentially improving reproductive performance, and enhancing your body’s resilience to stress.

This medicinal herb has been reported to help lower levels of cortisol, one of the hormones produced by your adrenal glands in response to stress. As a result, it helps you to calm down when you’re stressed. Nonetheless, it is not considered a sedative, so it can be taken safely during the day.

It is a very popular adaptogen, so it’s no surprise that you can find it in a huge variety of stress-reducing supplements.

Nature’s Discount recommends*:
  • Full Spectrum Ashwagandha, 570mg (60 tablets)  by Planetary Herbals.  
  • Ashwagandha Tea (18 tea bags) by Buddha Teas. 
  • Ashwagandha Root Powder (7oz) by Organic Traditions. 
  • Andrographis & Ashwagandha (60 capsules) by Terry Naturally.
  • Ashwagandha Gummies (60 gummies) by Goli Nutrition.
  • Stress Wellness with Ashwagandha (60 vegetarian capsules) by Bio Nutrition.
  • Ashwagandha EP35, Extra Strength (60 capsules) by Terry Naturally.
  • Ashwagandha, 1200mg (60 capsules) by Zhou. 

Calming Blends

Ashwagandha has earned its reputation due to its ability to regulate stress and anxiety. However, it is not the only natural alternative to achieve your goal of having a more relaxing life. There are many supplements out there that may do the trick, depending on your nutritional needs. 

Nature’s Discount recommends*:
  • Calm Now (60 vegetarian capsules) by Zhou: It contains Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri, two adaptogenic herbs that may help treat acute stress. There’s also Zinc, Magnesium, and Ashwagandha for full support.
  • Calm Plus Calcium, Original (8oz) and Calm Plus Calcium, Raspberry Lemon (8oz) by Natural Vitality: This anti-stress drink mix is based on the tension-relieving properties of magnesium. It also supports calcium intake and multiple other benefits with its addition of vitamins C and D, and potassium and boron.
  • Relax+, Day Calm (60 gummies) by Natrol: These gummies contain 5-HTP and L-theanine, two naturally occurring amino acids. The former can be converted to serotonin to improve your mood and the latter improves your mental functions.
  • Relax+, Night Calm (60 gummies) by Natrol: With added melatonin, Relax+ night version is ideal to get a good night’s rest. 
  • Calm Kids (60 capsules) by Terry Naturally: believe it or not, children can also suffer from stress and it can manifest as erratic or anxious behavior. This formula is designed to help support a calmer demeanor and emotional well-being with omega-3 fatty acids, Rhodiola Rosea and French Grape Seed VX1 for focus.


Many people love aromatherapy because it promotes the health of the body, mind, and spirit through a relaxing and enjoyable method. It is a treatment that uses essential oils from aromatic herbs, flowers, seeds, barks, fruits, and leaves.

Lavender oil is one of the favorites of aromatherapy users. Its relaxing effect can help treat anxiety and stress. It is said to calm the nervous system and help relieve pain and tension.

Nature’s Discount recommends*:
  • Ultrasonic Mist Oil Diffuser by Simplers Botanicals.
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil, Lavender (0.5oz) by Aura Cacia.

Sleep It Off!

When everything else fails, you can always resort to sleep. It will clear your mind and heal your body overnight. However, for it to work as a therapeutic method to help you cope with stress, you can’t just go to bed and hope for the best. You’re going to need quality sleep, and there are supplements to help you achieve it.

Nature’s Discount recommends*:

Teas made of organic herbs for better sleep:

  • Organic Nighty Night (16 tea bags) by Traditional Medicinals.
  • Organic Nighty Night Extra, Valerian (16 tea bags) by Traditional Medicinals

Melatonin, the sleep hormone, in all its presentations:

  • Herbal Melatonin Sleep Gummies (50 gummies) by Fruily.
  • Melatonin Gummies for Kids (90 gummies) by Natrol.
  • Sleep Science Liquid Melatonin, Orange (2oz) by Source Naturals.
  • Emergen-zzz, Berry (24 packets) by Emergen-C.
  • Melatonin Easy Snap, 10mg (60 tablets) by Bio Nutrition.

We’ve shown you the options; the rest is up to you. You have the power to stop being a slave to stress. Come to Nature’s Discount and you’ll find all these supplements and more!

*Products may vary per island