If you think you’ve been taking enough care of your feet, think again!

They carry your whole body’s weight all day long. They keep you standing, help you move from place to place, and connect you to the energy of the world around you. 

It’s easy to ignore your feet when they keep doing their job unbothered, but you certainly can notice when they hurt

Foot aches are widespread because your feet suffer the consequences of carrying you around all the time. This fact, combined with different genetic, situational, and hereditary conditions can lead to a myriad of foot problems. 

Fortunately, the pain and discomfort these problems cause can be alleviated and avoided by wearing proper orthotic footwear.

The Most Common Foot Health Problems

Foot problems can manifest in many ways, depending on the person. Here you can find four of the most common ones.

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition is caused when the soft tissues called fascia are torn, usually through constant heel tugging. This can happen because of deformities on the foot’s arch, which can cause tension and pain.


Metatarsalgia occurs because of excessive metatarsal bone rotation. This leads to more forefoot pressure and friction, causing inflammation in the ball of the foot.

Morton’s Neuroma

This condition can be caused by repeated trauma or compression between the forefoot bones, which leads to the nerve’s thickening.

Bunion (Hallux Valgus)

Bunions are one of the most common reasons why people avoid tight-fitting shoes. They’re a bone malformation on the outside of your toe, and they’re usually related to family history.

How Can Orthotic Footwear Help You?

Whichever of these conditions you have, it’s guaranteed that your feet will ache at some point, whether you’re trying to wear your beautiful new shoes or after spending your whole day at work.

To avoid all the pain and discomfort your feet may suffer, you have to wear shoes and insoles with the right features to counter your specific problems. These include.

  • Arch support to help stabilize your body, align your feet and relieve common foot pain (plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, among others).
  • Extra cushioning on the heel and back of the ankle to provide pressure relief and additional comfort.
  • Wide toe space or stretchy knit to allow for enough foot room.
  • Light but durable materials to endure wearing them at all times.

Where Can I Find Orthotics Like This?

Luckily, all the characteristics mentioned above are featured in Aetrex products. It’s the best comfortable footwear brand that you can easily get at Nature’s Discount stores on the ABC islands.

In Aruba, you can find them only at Seroe Blanco, and here you’ll also find Aetrex’s innovative Albert Scan. It features the best 3D foot technology to accurately identify your problems and recommend the best product to satisfy your therapeutic needs, including special insoles that you can put in your favorite shoes.

Try out their Maui flips for pleasant trips to the beach, or their Carly sneakers if you love to walk around and exercise. For a comfy everyday sandal, wear Jillian sports, or you can choose their Janey braided slides if you’re looking for a more feminine and cuter fit.

They’ve all been specially designed to help you relieve foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and transferring pressure away from high-impact areas.

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* Product may vary per island.