We all know that one lady that knows how to keep every corner of her house clean and polished. She can take even the most stubborn stains off clothes and make all home appliances shine. 

However, don’t get confused, it’s no magic trick. It’s all due to a well-kept secret that we’re going to reveal to you today: she uses Borax Powder.

Borax is a combination of boron, sodium, and oxygen, also known as sodium borate. It’s a natural salt that has been used for generations to help with several household affairs, such as cleaning, odor control, laundry, crafting, and more.

Still, this description might not be enough for you to add it to your cleaning routine… which is why we’ll tell you now how most people use this multipurpose product:

Make Your Kitchen Shine

In the kitchen, metallic surfaces and items are very common and useful, since they’re more resistant to heat and wear than those made out of other materials.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for them to retain dust, dirt, and grease, so they might become cloudy and stained.

You can make a paste with borax and lemon juice or water to scrub your sink and utensils so they can shine once again.

Enjoy a Moldless Bathroom

Borax’s main cleaning feature is being a pH booster. When you mix it with water, it elevates its pH, making it ideal to inhibit the growth of mold.

Prepare a solution of borax and vinegar, using a bit of warm water to help dissolve the borax and apply it to the moldy areas. Let it sit for a while and then remove it with a clean cloth or sponge to get rid of mildew effectively and quickly.

Remove Odors Easily

Bad smells are caused by bacteria present in the air and on surfaces. Therefore, the solution to get rid of them is clearly removing them with a powerful antibacterial substance… which Borax just happens to be.

You can use it as a chemical-free alternative for air fresheners.

Mix three parts of warm water and one part of Borax Powder until it dissolves, and pour it into a spray bottle along with your favorite essential oil to infuse the air in your home with a delightful fragrance.

Detergent Booster

Your clothes and bed wear can also benefit from the water-softening properties of Borax, which is why it is most frequently used as a great natural detergent booster.

It is more economical than many other chemicals designed for this purpose, and it will make your textiles’ colors pop!

Also, thanks to its antibacterial features, they’ll smell better and be even cleaner than using only your regular clothes detergent.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to add Borax Powder to your cleaning routine? Remember you can get it at Nature’s Discount Aruba, so come visit us!