When you start noticing crow’s feet along, with brittle nails and hair loss you just don’t feel like yourself. This can happen due to several reasons: age, stress, vitamin deficiency, or poor diet.

Fortunately, you can get back the vitality that your body needs to shine and be stronger than before with this powerful duo: Biotin + Collagen.

There are lots of benefits to both biotin and collagen, promoting healthy aging, improving your skin, hair, and nails appearance, along with supporting joint and bone maintenance are just some of them.

Next, you will learn how this protein-vitamin duo can improve your beauty game from within.

How Can Collagen Supplements Uplift Your Beauty?

Collagen is the number one beauty-boosting supplement! Find out why in our article: 6 Healthy Products that Every Woman Should Try to Pamper Her Body.

Collagen strengthens connective tissues, improves skin elasticity, and reduces fine lines, making skin look more youthful and firm. It also promotes hair thickness and growth, lessens joint pain, and strengthens bones.

Naturally, collagen is formed through chains of amino acids, which form through enough Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese in your diet (dairy, poultry, red meat, pork, fish, and eggs).

As we age collagen production declines by around 1% per year, leading to wrinkles, saggy skin, and weak bones. To help reduce collagen degradation you can use collagen supplements. These 3 Tasty Multi Collagen Protein Recipes are a fun way to start getting all the benefits of collagen.

How Can Biotin Supplements Help Promote Beauty?

Biotin (vitamin B7) assists with amino acids in the body and helps break down macronutrients, supporting healthy and bright nails, hair and skin, and helps convert food into energy.

When you don’t get enough Biotin from food sources, it causes hair thinning, dry skin, and a rash around the eyes and face.

Is It Safe to Combine Biotin and Collagen?

The answer is yes! There are no risks in combining biotin and collagen. In fact, in some cases, they may even complement each other.

You can find all the supplements mentioned above at Nature’s Discount! We invite you to check our article: 3 Supplements for the Best Care of Your Hair: Biotin, Charcoal, and Collagen for more information on the benefits of biotin and collagen.

Get the Beauty Boost You Need With These Biotin and Collagen Supplements

  • Multi Collagen Protein Powder (244gr).
  • Multi Collagen Protein Powder (459gr). 
  • Multi Collagen Protein Powder – Beauty Sleep (468gr).
  • Multi Collagen Protein Capsules (90’s).
  • Collagen Bone Complete, Vegetable Capsules (90’s). 
  • Liquid Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Tubes (10’s). 
  • Hairfluence, Vegetable Capsules (60’s) by Zhou. 
  • Biotin, 10000 Mcg, Vegetable Capsules (60’s). 
  • Biotin Vanilla Drops, 10000mcg (2oz). 
  • Ae + Uc-Ii Collagen – Fruit Fiesta (30 Servings).

Collagen and Biotin Supplements for Healthy Hair

  • Plant-Based Biotin & Collagen Thickening Leave-In Spray (8oz).
  • Plant-Based Biotin & Collagen Conditioner (16oz).
  • Plant-Based Biotin & Collagen Shampoo (16oz).
  • Conditioner – Thickening Biotin B-Complex (14oz) by Avalon Organics.
  • Shampoo – Thickening Biotin B-Complex (14oz) by Avalon Organics.