Who said beauty can only be achieved through surgery? If you want to beautify yourself naturally, you need the perfect combination of nutrients. At Nature’s Discount, we have some secrets we would like to share with you.

Collagen, the Source of a More Beautiful Skin

Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping our skin toned and with greater elasticity. Many know collagen as the “glue” of our bodies. It also contributes to keeping the skin hydrated, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Despite its importance, this nutrient is difficult to absorb, and, after turning 25, we tend to lose between 1 and 1.25% of the collagen in our body per year.

But do not panic! science has managed to help us. Including supplements as part of your diet will help you recover the lost collagen. Taking collagen supplements will even stimulate the production of fibrillin and elastin, proteins that also benefit the health of your skin.

Supplements such as Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within – Watermelon Basil contain extra nutrients that will help you repair skin damage, keep a healthy gut, and in addition provide antioxidant properties.

Other supplements such as Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization also contain nutrients such as horsetail and biotin, which are considered essential nutrients of beauty.

Get Longer Hair, Stronger Nails, and the Most Beautiful Skin You’ve Have Ever Had

Biotin, the beauty nutrient, also known as Vitamin B7, or Vitamin H, is part of the vitamin group that provides energy to our body.

This vitamin helps you keep a healthy voluminous head of hair and stimulates hair growth and repair. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of dandruff and hair loss.

Do You Have Problems With Brittle Nails?

Biotin is your perfect ally to keep your nails strong and shiny. This vitamin stimulates nail growth so you can have thick and healthy nails.

When it comes to skin, biotin contributes to tissue regeneration, helping you fight conditions such as red skin, scaly skin, and even dermatitis and psoriasis. These benefits will make your skin look younger and healthier for an extended period of time.

TThis nutrient will improve your health while giving you the beauty queen look you want.

And How About Anti-aging Secrets?

Everyday stress, a poor diet, and extreme conditions are elements that harm and age our skin. However, nature has provided us with a secret weapon against this: rosehip oil.

This oil is extracted from the seed of the Rosaceae bush. This bush is rich in collagen, elastin, lycopene, and hyaluronic acid, which help fight free radicals. Rosehip oil is an unbeatable anti-aging ally for your skin.

Among its benefits, this oil contributes to the reduction and repair of sun damage. It is also effective against other conditions such as hyperpigmentation and acne. Rosehip oil helps you reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, and even accelerate the healing process after getting wounded.

Beautify, restore and rejuvenate your skin with natural, reliable, and effective supplements.