Being a woman is to live life while naturally going through stages, surpassing ourselves and growing personally day by day.

However, there are certain stages and processes in the life of every woman that generates some level of concern; the arrival of menopause is undoubtedly one of these stages.

Much of what causes us concern is that we do not know much about menopause and we generally avoid delving into the subject. But when you get to know it and get familiar with it, it can be seen for what it really is: a new stage in life. Therefore, it can also be perceived in a positive way.

Menopause is a physiological stage, and as we have already mentioned, completely normal in the life of women. Although, in some cases, symptoms that cause some discomfort can occur.

Do you want to learn about these symptoms and what to do to relieve them? Continue reading!

Menopause Symptoms

Although each woman experiences menopause in a different and unique way, there are certain symptoms that are usually the same, with more or less the same measure of discomfort. What for some people might be easy to handle, for others it may feel more than just a simple inconvenience.

Symptoms are usually more severe when menopause occurs suddenly or over a short period of time, as may be the case with early menopause.

Conditions that affect the health of the ovaries, such as cancer or hysterectomy, also some habits such as smoking, tend to increase the severity and duration of symptoms.

Menopause is usually divided into 3 phases: Pre-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause with the distinctive symptoms of perimenopause that can last up to four years before fully entering menopause:

  • Less frequent and irregular menstruation.
  • Heavier or lesser bleeding than your usual experience.

Once you enter menopause, symptoms may vary from woman to woman, but the most frequent are:

  • Vasomotor symptoms such as flushing, night sweats, and hot flashes.
  • Insomnia.
  • Mood changes.
  • Irritability.
  • Pain or tenderness in the breasts.
  • Headaches.
  • Accelerated heart.
  • And sometimes difficulty concentrating.

Natural Relief

We have already learned about menopause symptoms and how much they can make us uncomfortable… But, how do we alleviate them? Warm compresses and a couple of aspirins are definitely not the best options to take care of yourself in this new stage.

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With the formulation and expert use of the medicinal plant Black Cohosh (Actaea Racemosa), which, thanks to its analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory properties, has been used to treat menopausal symptoms since ancient times by Native Americans.

Menopause Relieve Clinical Strength is also estrogen-free, soy-free, 100% vegan and GMO-free.

Relieve those discomforts in the most natural way and enter this new stage of your life better than ever.