Do you know The Rock, Vin Diesel, Taye Diggs, or famous characters such as Professor X from the X-Men?

They are celebrities with looks that make us dream of an impeccable appearance.  They make a whole look, among other things, from their lack of hair. However, when we think about our own hair loss we tend to imagine ourselves as Uncle Fester, or as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…

Now, we will not say that it is not a possibility, but a good diet and some exercise could take you to the most glamorous side of the spectrum. You can easily be the Bruce Willis or the Pitbull of your family…

But if these looks are not what you expect in the foreseeable future, or the simple thought of losing your hair terrifies you, there is also something you can do …

What could cause hair loss?

There are many factors, in both men and women that could trigger hair loss.

Hereditary and hormonal factors, some medications, a specific event with a high-stress load or a stressful life, lack of iron or Vitamin B12, a sudden weight loss, among other symptoms such as those you can see in this article from Medical News Today (source: are some of these factors.

Of course, age is also an important one. We lose collagen and other necessary nutrients, and our hair weakens, becomes thin, and often starts falling.

So there is no going back? Will we leave it to lady fortune whether to resign and become Uncle Fester or aim to be The Rock of our families?

In the cosmetic world, there are some procedures such as hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma that could help you regenerate lost hair.

But, why waiting for the problem to arise to find a solution? Prevention is one of the actions that we must take as we get older, and for that, there are also some alternatives.

Biotin, also called vitamin H or B7, helps our bodies metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, but it also has a role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails (source: A low level of this vitamin can lead to hair loss.

Even if we can find it in foods such as eggs, nuts, and meats such as liver, it is also true that the properties of this vitamin are reduced or are eliminated by heat, and that, by being a water-soluble vitamin, we need to take it constantly from food to maintain good levels in our body.

But there is no need to be alarmed!

You can also find this vitamin in the form of supplements specially created to nourish you and help you prevent hair loss just  like BIOTIN 10000 MCG VCAPS 60’S.

You can also use biotin-based products such as ORG SHAMPOO – THICKENING BIOTIN B-COMPLEX 14 oz, and ORG COND – THICKENING BIOTIN B-COMPLEX 14oz.

As you can see, science offers you different alternatives to make prevention your best ally. In addition, they also include different nutrients that will strengthen and give a second breath to your hair.

Having to choose between looks, or panicking about hair loss does not have to be one of the decisions that generate anxiety in your future. With prevention and the use of appropriate products, you will recover the necessary nutrients to keep your hair strong and healthy. At Nature’s Discount, we are your allies for a healthier life.