When it comes to reliable medicinal herbs to stimulate the body’s immune system, Sambucus Elderberry is the one to go with.

Also known as European Black Elder or Sambucus nigra, this dark purple fruit coming from the elderberry shrub contains abundant healthy properties. Such as amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C.

Not for nothing has it been used throughout history in North America, Europe, Western Asia, and many other parts of the world as a potent remedy against the common cold, constipation, and sinus infections.

In fact, Sambucus Elderberry’s properties are so curative that in 1995 Elderberry juice was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama.

Studies show that in patients suffering from influenza-like symptoms, elderberry extract supplements shortened the duration of the flu by four days, and patients also experienced less severe cold and flu symptoms in comparison to patients that were treated with regular medication.

Why Should You Take Sambucus Elderberry?

If you are looking for a more natural remedy that will help you fight bacterial and viral infections, and that is highly nutritious, Elderberry is the best choice for you. 

Sambucus Elderberry is more commonly used for extra support for your immune system. However, due to its abundant nutritional properties, there are plenty of conditions in which Sambucus Elderberry plants have been proven to be helpful. These include respiratory ailments, tonsillitis, high cholesterol, vision impairment, infections, and heart conditions.

Nutritional Properties of Sambucus Elderberry

  • Rich in Anthocyanin: many of the elderberry’s virtues are attributed to anthocyanin. Which is a strong antioxidant that functions by clearing the body of free radicals that may cause harm to cells at the DNA level.
  • High in Bioflavonoids: these are proteins found in elderberry juice, which work to avoid flu and cold viruses to infect a cell. Bioflavonoids also promote circulation and strengthen the capillaries.
  • Loaded with Beta-carotene: Beta-carotene is not only responsible for elderberry’s intense color, but also for its vitamin A content. Vitamin A promotes a healthy vision and better skin, as well as a strong immune system.
  • Packed with Potassium: elderberries contain 3 different sources of potassium, a crucial mineral for muscle contraction, proper nerve conduction, and healthy blood pressure.

Sambucus Elderberry also contains high amounts of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, viburnic acid (which is helpful for bronchitis and asthma), volatile oils, and Vitamin B17.

All of these potent healthy properties in Sambucus Elderberry are what makes this plant such a potential medicinal alternative.

Health Benefits of Sambucus Elderberry

Powerful pain reliever 

Native Americans have long been using elderberry tinctures to treat bruises, dental pain, and cuts. Some people even claim that elderberry extract can help treat sciatica pain, although further evidence is needed.

The reason behind its analgesic effect is due to Anthocyanins found in elderberry plants, which reduce inflammation and pain by inhibiting Nitric oxide response to an injury or disease that may trigger pain.

Natural Diuretic

Elderberries contain diuretic and detoxifying properties, which can increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body in the form of urine. This particular quality may result beneficial for treating high blood pressure, and weight loss. 

Cold and Flu treatment

Evidence shows that elderberry extract reduces the duration of the infection as well as upper-airway symptoms.

Given that the Sambucus Elderberry plant is a natural immune system booster, it also prevents influenza infection by stimulating the immune system to function faster.

Helps Constipation

Elderberries are a rich source of fiber which helps improve digestion. Besides, there’s a compound named Anthraquinone found in Elderberry that provides a laxative effect that can help the treatment of constipation.

This elderberry compound inhibits the absorption of water in the intestines, which increases intestinal pressure and aids constipation.

Heart health supporter

Elderberry has positive effects on heart and blood vessel health, since its properties help lower cholesterol levels, and help reduce fat in the blood. It also lessens the risk of heart disease.

Skin cleanser

Thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, elderberry cleanses the skin and protects cells from harmful free radicals that can affect the skin causing acné, dryness, or dark spots.

Promotes wrinkle lessening

Due to its high levels of vitamin A, Sambucus Elderberry soothes the skin and helps prevent and lessen wrinkles, as well as other aging signs such as sunspots.

How to Take Sambucus Elderberry?

Elderberry can be prepared in many forms as natural medicine, such as tonics and tinctures, in order to be applied topically over the skin, or the elderberry plant could be dried to drink in tea, although the taste of ripe berry is typically tart, so it might need to be sweetened. 

Take into consideration that even though Elderberry fruit is edible, it can be toxic if it’s consumed without being cooked. Sambucus might cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

For this reason, it is recommended to take Elderberry-based supplements that are safe and contain all the nutrients and benefits of the Elderberry plant. 

Different Elderberry-based Supplements

Certain elderberry-based products are classified as dietary supplements by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You’ll find Sambucus Elderberry’s different presentations (Elderberry capsules, gummies, and syrups) at your favorite local organic store: Nature’s Discount.

Which Sambucus Elderberry Supplement to Take?

Take ViraPro Elderberry Immune Blend for full nutritional support, this Sambucus supplement provides different vitamins and minerals to optimize your immune system. ViraPro also contains the purest elderberry extract, which has been clinically studied for obtaining better results.

ViraPro comes with 60 tablets charged with all the power of Sambucus. These Elderberry tablets are the easiest way for you to stay protected from viruses, and to soothe flu or cold symptoms whenever you need them.

Nutritional facts of ViraPro 

ViraPro Elderberry Immune Blend is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C,  Zinc, and Selenium. 

Its healthy formula is free from gluten, sugar, salt, wheat, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, artificial preservatives, or dairy products.

When to Start Taking ViraPro Elderberry Immune Blend?

In order to experience relief from cold and flu symptoms, you should begin supplementing elderberry no later than 48 hours from the first moment symptoms appear.

ViraPro Elderberry Immune Blend can also be taken daily for full immune system protection and overall health.

Benefit from all the goodness of the Elderberry plant in its most compact and natural form with the help of ViraPro. Find it at Nature’s Discount and power up with Sambucus Elderberry!