Believe it or not, the effects of natural light on health are more than just a placebo. Increasing the natural light in your spaces can help you absorb more Vitamin D, improve your mood and sleep, and reduce the risks associated with prolonged exposure to artificial light.

Now, you don’t need a construction kit and a degree in interior design to improve the light in your home’s interior spaces. If you must stay indoors, there are some simple hacks you can follow to make the most out of the natural light you already get and optimize the use of objects you already own. At Nature’s Discount, we want to share four of them with you:

Take advantage of mirrors and shiny objects

A mirror cannot only make the room look bigger if you find the right place near a window it will significantly increase the amount of light in the room.

Mirrors, as well as shiny objects like metal lamps and faucets, metal photo frames, metal ceiling borders, and reflective surfaces, reflect light and illuminate spaces more naturally.

Look for the light tones on your walls

Dark colors tend to absorb natural light and make your room look darker. On the other hand, light colors and different shades of white reflect light and make spaces look more spacious and illuminated.

Ceilings that are lighter in tone than the walls of the room will also give the feeling of more height and space.

If now you spend part of your day doing home office, a space with the previous characteristics is ideal for your temporary office.

Aim for the windows

Windows are the most common source of natural light in a room. Working near a window will ensure an illuminated space that will keep you active for longer periods.

Of course, cleaning your windows both sides at least once a month will also ensure you get as much clarity as possible from the sun’s rays. Also, keep the spaces around the window as clear as possible. Use the elements around you in your favor and not against you.

Discard heavy curtains

Remember the aluminized curtains in your room that made you even forget what day of the week it was? It’s time for them to go! 

More than a matter of fashion, heavy and thick curtains – not to mention if they are also dark – absorb the natural light and darken your room. Choose light and preferably light curtains that will allow natural light to pass through and make your room look more spacious and even more elegant.

Taking advantage of natural light is easier and cheaper than you think. If you must stay indoors, take a moment and visit each room, assess where natural light comes from and how to improve it with the tools you have at home, and follow these simple hacks.

You will notice the changes immediately! You will feel more alive, motivated, and full of energy.