Plant-based products have been rising in popularity in recent years thanks to zero-waste movements. People have acquired a greater sense of the world’s environmental situation and that has led to more people making eco-friendly decisions.

This is why using plant-based supplements goes beyond just being vegan. People are demanding less synthetic, more natural, and cleaner products.

Thus, some companies are doing their best to provide the public with what they ask for. And that’s the case with Sunwarrior.

What Is Sunwarrior’s Goal?

Animal products have always been a primordial source of protein and collagen, and this fact especially affects those people wanting to gain and maintain muscle.

Sunwarrior’s founders realized that, identifying a need for vegetarians and vegans in the market, and decided to fulfill it.

There needed to be a clean burning product that had nothing to lose against animal-based supplements with the same goal.  Plus, it had to taste good.

After multiple tests and persistence, their ideas became a reality, and Sunwarrior created its first raw, plant-based protein powder.

They set off with a mission to nourish & transform the planet, using only clean, plant-based formulas.

But we know results speak louder than intentions, so read ahead to learn about all the benefits of using Sunwarrior’s 100% vegan supplements.

1. Lower Risk of Allergies

Supplements made with a plant-based formula have fewer side effects, such as allergies, since they come from natural sources.

Plus, vegan products are free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial sugars, synthetic chemicals, and other ingredients that tend to cause negative reactions.

This means that Sunwarrior’s plant-based supplements are overall safe for consumption by the general public.

2. Ethical Production

Many supplements that are made using animals as their main source can be considered unethical. That’s because the idea of using animals for one’s benefit can clash with many people’s ideologies and philosophies of life.

It doesn’t help that many animals may be subjected to poor living conditions and mistreatment while being raised for this purpose. Vegan supplements discard all these worries.

3. Natural Ingredients

Plant-based products use naturally-derived ingredients. For this reason, it’s easier for your body to absorb them than other substances.

This means you’ll be theoretically getting more nutrients from your supplements and it will take your body less time to assimilate them.

They contain no added sugar, no gluten, and no GMOs.

4. Long-lasting Benefits

Unlike synthetic products, Sunwarrior’s supplements can be used for as long as you want with little to no side effects.

They will keep you company in all your daily routines and provide the same effects every time you use them. They’re the ideal nutrition for an on-the-go shake or to add to your breakfast smoothies.

5. Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly

The most obvious benefit is that it can be used 100% by vegetarian and vegan users.

It can be pretty difficult for this portion of the population to find products that cover their needs, especially gym-related ones.

Thus, Sunwarrior products provide an affordable, high-quality, and effective alternative to the usual animal-based products in the market.

If you’d like to try out these benefits by yourself, you can come to check our wide selection of Sunwarrior products at any of our Nature’s Discount stores!*

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