Aruba is known as “One Happy Island” for its beautiful beaches, nice weather, and friendly locals.  However, Aruba is also on the news due to a growing health problem on this island – diabetes. And recent research shows that 16,24% of the Aruban population suffers from this disease, indicating one of the highest percentages of diabetes in the world.

Living with diabetes can be challenging, and managing your blood sugar levels can feel like a never-ending battle. This public health problem needs urgent action. And the truth is that individual lifestyle changes affect general health issues.

Believe it or not! Regular exercise and a healthy diet can contribute to controlling diabetes, but sometimes these good practices alone aren’t enough to keep this disease under control. No worries! That’s where supplements come in to unlock their power for controlling diabetes. 

Let’s discover what diabetes is about to help you deal with this sickness.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes, a chronic health condition, affects blood sugar or glucose levels, an important energy source for your body’s cells.

That isn’t all! In diabetes sufferers, the pancreas doesn’t work properly and doesn’t produce enough insulin. This can lead to high levels of glucose that can result in eye, kidney, heart, and nerve damage over time. 

If you’re suffering from diabetes and struggling to find ways to manage this illness. Here are 5 ways to help you control your sugar levels. 

1. Keep a Healthy Life

Food is connected with diabetes. And if you suffer from this condition, you need to take your diet seriously. 

Interestingly, healthy eating is a plus in managing diabetes and minimizing long-term symptoms. Add whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats to your meals. Remember that avoiding processed and sugary foods, and limiting your alcohol intake will have a positive impact on diabetes.

Keep a healthy menu on your daily meals and keep active to reduce the risk of diabetes and its symptoms.  

2. Stay Active

Regular exercise is a must-do activity for diabetes patients. Yes, you guessed it! Physical activity can help lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. 

Now, this is important! Keeping a regular active routine can reduce the risk of complications related to diabetes such as nerve damage and heart and kidney disease.

But wait, there’s more! Staying active can help with weight management – an important goal for diabetes sufferers. And exercise can improve your mood, stress, and anxiety, which are common in people with this health condition.

Even making small changes in your lifestyle like reducing your time sitting down at work or home. Remember there’re natural supplements that can help you boost your lifestyle and minimize sugar levels, insulin resistance, and diabetes complications.

3. Lower Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a health condition difficult to manage, but you can improve the quality of your life by adding healthy food and exercise to your routine. But sometimes you may feel these changes aren’t enough to lower your sugar levels.

What’s the solution? One of the ways to control blood sugar levels is to include natural supplements in your diet. The good news is that some generic components are beneficial to managing your glucose.  

Traditional species and herbs are commonly used for glucose control like cinnamon. Significantly, adding cinnamon to your diet can lower your sugar levels, but sometimes it’s not easy to get enough of this spice into your body to achieve this goal.

This isn’t all! Chromium, Green Tea, and Magnesium are also powerful supplements that help you manage sugar levels. 

And the best part is that at Nature’s Discount, you can also find other supplements to help you improve insulin sensitivity. Stay with us and discover them.

4. Improve Insulin Resistance

Improving insulin resistance is one of the most challenging goals for diabetes sufferers.

How can insulin be improved? The pancreas secretes insulin, which is responsible for controlling glucose levels. And when your pancreas doesn’t work properly, insulin resistance is caused, making it difficult to absorb and retain glucose in your blood. 

In addition to keeping a healthy diet and active lifestyle, some natural supplements can help diabetes patients improve insulin sensitivity, like cinnamon, chromium, and green tea.

These supplements can enhance your life as a diabetes patient in Aruba, and you can get them all at Nature’s Discount.

Minimizing sugar levels and insulin resistance are two of the challenges patients need to face. Read more about how to control sugar levels and insulin resistance:

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However, diabetes brings short and long-term symptoms that need special attention. Read ahead and discover how natural supplements can be an option to reduce this disease’s complications.

5. Reduce Diabetes Complications

Diabetes complications arise when the disease isn’t treated properly or in time. These include eye, feet, heart, kidney problems, and nerve damage.

The good news is that you can prevent these complications by controlling your blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

The exciting part is that keeping a balanced and healthy diet and staying active can contribute to reducing the risks.

However, natural supplements play an important role in decreasing unwanted diabetes symptoms. One of these generic components is Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, which can help protect against diabetic problems such as nerve damage and kidney disease.

Another supplement that works miracles is resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and grapes, which controls and reduces inflammation in people with diabetes

Improve Your Life and Learn to Deal With Diabetes

By incorporating natural supplements into your routine, along with other recommended lifestyle changes, you can improve your quality of life with diabetes in Aruba.

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