The holiday season brings a unique level of busyness and stress to most people. We expect to have everything ready to celebrate with family and friends. As a result, it may feel almost impossible to do something else with a calendar full of parties and family commitments.

Thus, keeping fit seems to be a difficult task for many during the holiday season. And this is why you’re probably thinking of giving up and sticking to these holiday celebrations. 

Despite the chaos, you can keep healthy habits and find ways to boost your well-being by eating well and getting into a fitness routine

Luckily, Nature’s Discount’s here to help you stay fit during the holidays with an easy-to-achieve maintenance routine.

Read ahead and follow our advice, so you’ll end this year with a healthier and fitter appearance. 

1. Keep Moving: Energy Up and Fat Down

Believe it or not! There’s no better way to boost your energy and burn fat than to keep active and eat healthy, even during the festive season. 

The important point is that you can keep a workout routine and a healthy diet during the holidays.  A healthy diet typically includes carbohydrates as the primary energy source, but proteins and amino acids are mostly the last options, even more during Christmas celebrations. The truth is that people tend to consume pre-workout drink mixes to feel energetic before exercising. But, stimulant drinks’ effects on your body don’t last as long as you wish.

So, what’s the point? Amino acids instead provide steady and consistent energy during your workout and prevent overtiredness. They also help repair and grow muscle fibers. So, you can also ingest these nutrients during this festive season before starting an exercise plan.

You must be wondering how you can include amino acids, the building blocks of protein, in your holiday diet to invigorate your body steadily. The good news is that you can ingest these proteins in simple foods like a shake or a steak, which allow nutrients to be broken down by the digestive system into amino acid components.

In a nutshell, amino acids reduce exercise-related fatigue, improve energy levels, and boost the creation of muscle tissue. There’re myriad amino acid supplements that you can incorporate into your holiday diet by preparing protein-rich shakes or just adding them to your favorite holiday recipes.

Nature’s Discount recommends:

ON Essential Amin.o. Energy: it contains 0g of sugar, 5g of amino acids, and 100mg of caffeine to boost your energy, recover your muscles, and fight exercise-related fatigue.

EVL BCAA Energy (leucine, isoleucine, and valine): it includes 80mg of natural caffeine, 5g of BCAA, 0g of sugar, and Dymatize L-carnitine to provide smooth and long-lasting energy for your workouts.

Dymatize L-Carnitine: it contains 1100 mg of L-Carnitine to energize your body, burn fat, and reduce cravings.

2. Strengthen Your Muscles: Workout and Protein Ingestion

Working out during the festive season isn’t easy. You’re so busy that you put workout last on your list. But, your muscles also feel holiday stress and the best way to strengthen them is by combining protein ingestion and a workout.

You’re about to find out how proteins help muscles grow during the holidays! One of the things people most want from their workouts is to build muscle mass, improve endurance and enhance strength. 

But how do you know high-protein supplements support muscle growth? They, certainly, boost protein muscle synthesis to help the body produce the cells that make up new muscles.

Here’s the interesting part! Your muscles can get injured if you don’t get enough protein supply. Adding post and mid-workout supplements guarantees muscle growth and energy improvement to push yourself harder during the workouts and for the festive season celebrations. 

The good thing about these supplements is that they’re easily absorbed and redirected to muscle to prevent muscle breakdown. Another important benefit of these nutrients is that they contribute to the circulation of stored fat in the body and the conversion of fat into energy, which results in burning fat, even during holidays.

Nature’s Discount recommends:

R1 Whey Blend: it contains 100% whey proteins from 3 sources: concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates, and 5g naturally-occurring BCAA to promote muscle growth.

PEScience Select Protein: it contains 24g of protein, 5g of BCAA, and 1g of carbohydrates to improve performance and enhance muscle building.

ON Serious Mass: it contains 50g of protein, 250g of carbohydrates, and multivitamins to fuel intensive workouts and support muscle recovery and building and weight gain.

These high-protein and amino acid-based products energize your body to the highest for your workouts, but there’re also vegetarian options for muscle building.

3. Veggies and Muscle Building

Holidays can be a nightmare for vegetarians!  They find it hard to decide whether to join family and friends in food gatherings or not. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a way to complement this diet with other nutrients. 

Supplementing with high-protein and amino acids is a must for vegetarians, especially if they work out. These healthy additions to your diet help you store good sources of energy in your body.

It isn’t a brainer, the more nutrients you store, the better your workout performance and recovery time. But, don’t worry! You don’t have to eat a great steak to get all the energy you need to keep fit and healthy during Christmas.

So, what’s the secret? You need to ingest these supplements before, during, and after exercise to enhance muscle building since vegetarians have fewer protein sources.

But wait, there’s more! Plant-based products help you achieve weight management and nutritional goals to get you ready for your fitness routine and holiday celebrations.  

And on top of that, all these supplements can be ingested in myriad creative ways by adding them to your favorite drink or smoothie and noticing the difference in how your body responds to them, boosting your energy during workouts.

Nature’s Discount recommends:

Warrior Blend Organic: it contains 17g of protein, 6g of BCAAs, 90 calories, and essential nutrients to build muscle, energize your body, and support weight management.

Are you interested in reading more about these and other products? In this link, you can get more information.

As if that’s not enough, you can find all these nutritive and energy-boosting supplements at Nature’s Discount.*

You’re not alone in your health and fitness goals. Achieve them all with our recommendations and get the ultimate workout performance and the body of your dreams – fitter and healthier for the end of the year.

*Products vary per island.