Summer is over and your kids might not be as thrilled to go back to school, so, what can you do to make this back-to-school season exciting and smooth for them?

They might need a little energy boost!

Your kids aren’t bored or lazy, they just lack the nutrients and vitamins they need to be energized and focused in class!

When kids and teenagers go back to school—whether in the classroom or from home—they face new challenges, including new teachers, and more advanced subjects.

That’s why they need to have their attention, energy, and their immune and gut health at 100%!

You can help them be the best in class, and enjoy going back to school more by supporting their health with these Back-to-School Essentials.

Promote Focus and Energy with These Brain-Stimulating Supplements

Certain Vitamins, especially zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, and magnesium, are key for healthy brain function. 

Experts recommend maintaining healthy levels of these nutrients through a balanced diet during children’s growth.

However, sometimes a healthy diet is not enough to fulfill your kid’s nutritional needs, and that’s when supplements can give you some extra help. We know there’s nothing more important to you than protecting your child’s brain health, and normal brain development, for that reason we, at Nature’s Discount have selected these few Brain-Stimulating Supplements for them.

Promote kids’ attention and excellence with Source Naturals Attentive Child Chewable Wafers. They are designed to help support multiple systems that affect a child’s brain metabolism.

Attentive Child contains L-Aspartate, an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter, it also has grape seed extract which provides procyanidins, for antioxidant power, and phosphatidylserine, essential for maintaining healthy brain cell membranes, supporting language skills, and memory.

Another great option that will boost your kid’s focus at the same time it helps them elevate their mood and energy is Applied Nutrition Healthy Brain All-Day Focus Tabs.

2 tablets a day of Healthy Brain All-Day can provide your kids with all the nutrients from Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 that support healthy brain function and increase energy levels.

Healthy Brain All-Day is a happy formula for Back-to-School Season, it contains L-Theanine, which is a calming nutrient that promotes concentration, and Rhodiola Extract, which can help elevate mood and energy according to research. 

This multivitamin is ideal for students that struggle with information retention, since it contains DMAE and Huperzine, two crucial components in effective memory functioning, as well as Ginkgo extract which supports circulation to the brain, enhancing memory.

A natural and effective way to keep your children’s minds sharp with brain-boosting nutrients during this season is with Irwin Naturals, Ginkgo Smart, Maximum Focus & Memory.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the very best medicinal plants for the brain, it enhances blood flow to the brain, and improves cognitive function.

Ginkgo Smart Liquid Soft-Gels create a protective shield for the brain, through Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which supplies antioxidant qualities that help protect neurons from oxidative stress.

Ginkgo Smart also takes your kid’s memory and mental clarity to the next level, just what they need when facing new problems at school!

Another natural way to promote kids’ and teenagers’ cognitive abilities in this back-to-school season is with Terry Naturally Andrographis and Ashwagandha Adaptogens.

Adaptogens are herbs that have been clinically shown to boost brain health and cognition, they also play a role in adapting to both mental and physical stress.

Andrographis and Ashwagandha supplement can help endurance, energy, and focus, it promotes mental vitality helping them stay active longer while helping them rest better at night. 

It can also help reduce the occasional stress that some children experience during Back to School.

Not only do kids need help to perform better in class, but young adults can also use some extra nutritional help too for boosting focus and energy!

When young adults are overloaded with homework at school or at the university, they need long-lasting energy to be able to excel.

Zhou Energy + Focus can help them get the mental clarity and energy they need to succeed at their tasks, and it can help them release the tension or anxiety school can sometimes cause. Zhou Energy + Focus is a safe nootropic supplement for young people over 18, it contains  L-theanine and caffeine to help boost their energy and maintain their focus throughout the day.

Boost Kids Overall Health with These Multivitamins

Kids’ immune health must be a priority now more than ever, particularly if they attend school in person, and have contact with other children.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are loaded with vitamins A, C, B9, B12, and essential minerals that help maintain a kid’s immune system strong, they also reduce the duration of colds, increase energy, help detox and digestion.

Nutrients for the whole family!

If you are looking for a supplement that promotes your kids’ overall health at school but that can work for the whole family as well, then Nature’s Way- Alive! Daily Energy Multivitamin is the one to pick!

It supplies vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants that help support a healthy heart, bones, colon, eyes, and immune health while giving you an extra energy shot.

Don’t think we have forgotten about the little ones in the house, Alive! Kids Chewable Multi-Vitamin is easy to take and provides them with extra nutritional support in order to help them grow healthy and be alert this Back-to-School Season.

Kids Chewable Multi-Vitamin is the perfect health booster for your children, it helps convert food into energy while supporting healthy bones, teeth, and immunity.

When it comes to teenagers going back to school, challenges can be quite different. Teens tend to spend more screen time than kids and this can lead to serious health consequences.

We recommend Nature’s Way Alive! Teen Gummy Multivitamin for Her, and Teen Gummy Multivitamin for Him, with 17 vitamins and minerals to help support cellular energy and immune health. 

This is a potent formula that helps shield and filter Blue Light, helping teens get better rest at night, in order to be more focused the next day, as well as helping them prevent Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the future.

Support Kids Digestive Health with These Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that help maintain balance in your kid’s digestive system. 

If your kid’s stomach works fine during the back-to-school season then their brain and rest of their body will too. 

  • KAL Acidophilus ProBiotic 500MG CAPS for maintaining a favorable intestinal flora.
  • Enzymedica Digest Gold + Probiotics Caps 45’S for optimal digestion and regularity.
  • Simply Digestion Plus for a gentle digestive cleanse.

Another important thing that your kids need for extra support this back-to-school season is new comfortable footwear.

Support Kids and Teens in Every Step with Aetrex Shoes

Help them move freely and take care of their feet with these Aetrex Orthopedic Shoes:

  • Carly Arch Support Sneakers (Lilac, Light pink, Gray).
  • Blake Comfort Sneaker (Blush and Black).
  • Kenzie Slip-On Comfort Sneaker (Bronze and Black).

Not only do kids need underfoot support, teachers do too! These beautiful designs will help them teach in comfort and style:

  • Leopard Lexa Quarter Strap Wedge.
  • Sydney Quarter Strap Espadrille Wedge (Black,Deep taupe, Cognac, Leopard, Red).

Find everything kids and teens need to start this Back to School Season with all the power and energy at Nature’s Discount.