At the moment of its creation, Vitauthority’s founders envisioned a future where everyone prioritized their health and nutrition over everything else. 

This vision would require them to create products of unmatched quality and standards to achieve specific results. And this is exactly what they’ve done throughout years of experience.

Every product has been tested rigorously to be free of all contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria. Also, this ensures that every ingredient named on the label is actually in your bottle.

Vitauthority also prides itself of containing no dangerous, or “grey-market” ingredients that many companies will utilize to decrease production costs. Only the right ingredients are being used and you get everything you pay for.

If you still are unsure if you should add them to your next supplement shopping list, check out two of their more popular products, which you can currently get at Nature’s Discount. 

1. Multi Collagen Burn: Beauty Comes With Nutrition

We’ve discussed over and over how collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body, as you can read in several of our articles. It makes up about 75% of the dry weight of our skin, and is responsable of the outer layer’s (dermis) look and texture. 

Problem is, as we age, collagen levels naturally start to decrease, as does its production in our bodies. This leads to uneven and textured skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sore and cracking joints, and loose skin. It also affects our nails and hair, because they’re also composed of this important protein.

What Multi Collagen Burn does is give your body is lacking with 5 types of collagen, along with many other proven benefits thanks to its unique list of ingredients:

  • Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, which work synergistically together to maintain a perfect regulation of the collagen/elastin balance.
  • SOD B Dimpless, the only active ingredient that specifically targets cellulite and the only one with clinical evidence to reduce cellulite by oral route.
  • All-natural weight loss enhancing ingredients, such as Grains of Paradise and Ashwagandha to help reduce appetite, support metabolism and expedite your weight loss goals.

It comes in both powder and capsule presentations, both of which you can find at Nature’s Discount.

2. Melt: Support to Reach Your Weight Goals

We know how important your weight goals are, and there’s technically no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reach them with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. However, everybody knows sometimes those extra kilograms can be hard to get rid of.

Your body wants to hold onto body fat due to several reasons, one of them being hormonal. This problem is way more evident in women, who are affected by biological situations such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

But worry not! Vitauthority’s Melt comes to the rescue with a blend of ingredients that can help you get rid of the most stubborn fat pockets on your body:

  • Grains of Paradise, which increase metabolism and the rate at which you burn calories.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous, one of the most studied weight loss and appetite control ingredients on the planet.
  • L-theanine, an amino acid that complements caffeine and helps to make sure the energy obtained from it is smooth and jitter-free.
  • Metabolaid®, which helps to manage blood pressure as well as cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It can also help control appetite and body weight.

These are the ingredients that make the perfect products to boost your health and nutrition, helping you to look and feel more comfortable in your own skin. So don’t wait any longer and come find Vitauthority’s Melt and Multi Collagen Burn at Nature’s Discount on the ABC islands.

*Products may vary per island.