The holidays are just around the corner, and beyond the moments of sharing and enjoying, we know that there are also moments full of food and gluttony.

This is the month of guilty pleasures, cheat-meals, and discovering new flavors without any regrets, and sometimes our body ends up feeling inflated and heavy like a marshmallow.

How to say no to grandma’s cake, or aunt’s roast? But do not worry! There is a solution to avoid the new year guilt.

At Nature’s Discount we share some tips to clean your body and continue enjoying a healthy life during and after the holidays.

Stay hydrated

Water is one of the most important nutrients in our bodies . Not only does it hydrate you, but it will also help you cleanse toxins in your  body and lower your sodium levels.

For a few days, avoid drinks like coffee, alcohol, and sugar-laden drinks. Choose something more like tea, especially green tea, which is loaded with antioxidants that will help you detoxify your body.

Starting your mornings with warm lemon water and drinking some glasses of it during the day will keep your metabolism active and calm the anxiety of eating outside meals.

Also, you can supplement your hydration sessions with products such as 5-DAY CLEANSE & FLUSH LIQ TUBES 10’S. With ingredients such as cascara, pomegranate, and fennel. This product will help you stay hydrated, stimulate peristaltic movements, and increase potassium levels in the body.

Go for the colors of the rainbow

Fruits and vegetables offer a wide variety of options and flavors for light and digestible  foods, which makes them great allies when cleaning your body. You can find vegetable proteins (such as seeds, nuts, and legumes) that will give you a complete meal with all the necessary nutrients.

Eating foods that are high in fiber is also a way to help your digestive system. Have oatmeal during your breakfast and also include foods such as apples, tangerines and mushrooms, which you can join in endless ways. Choose light meals at night like a soup or salad. You will go to bed satisfied and wake up hungry for a good breakfast.

Supplements such as the SUPER COLON CLEANSE CAPS 60’S will help you keep your body clean during detoxification days. It contains probiotics, and is free of dairy products and gluten.

Activate your body

Exercising will help you keep your body active, burn calories, and keep your metabolic system going.

Performing activities such as dancing, walking, and yoga are less extreme forms of exercise that you can do outdoors and in the company of your friends.

Your body is a machine that will gradually return to its normal functioning after the exuberance of the holidays. With these tips, and the help of a couple of supplements, you will be back on track in no time to continue your day to day and the resolutions of the year to come.