Happy holidays, to our ND-lovers!

One of the most anticipated times for many has started, and it is full of moments to share with family, friends, and taking a well-deserved rest. For many, this is the happiest month of the year.

At Nature’s Discount, we are also very happy to join you on these holidays.

While decorating our house and organizing visits to our relatives, we thought about the important place that food has during the holidays. We thought of ways to delight everyone with the best dishes suitable for every diet.

And Laura and Andres came to our mind! Our cousins ​​who recently started their Keto diet, and were very happy with the results. We did not know if they could share the same meals, or if that would prevent them from joining us at the table, so we decided to give them a call.

You will not believe what we discovered! There is a keto-friendly menu so varied and so nutritious that now we all want to try those exquisite meals. So, we decided to share a little about them with you.

As you probably know, the keto diet focuses on foods low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Your body will stop producing energy from glucose and start doing so from ketones, a nutrient generated from fats in the liver.

During this process –ketosis-, it is easier for your body to access accumulated fat and burn it, which results in  quick weight loss.

We know you are wondering, how can I keep a Keto diet during such a busy holiday?

Yes, holidays are full of carbohydrates everywhere, but we bet you didn’t know you could prepare all these delicious meals on a keto diet.

Have you tried cauliflower puree?

It is delicious! And together with turnips and kohlrabi, you can use them as substitutes for potatoes and sweet potatoes. Now add a green vegetable salad and a few red cranberries, a plate full of colors and festive flavors!

Mushrooms, spinach, cheese, and bacon will still be part of your parties without a problem. Imagine a turkey breast stuffed with these ingredients and some nuts… Your guests will fight for a bite.

And what about desserts? Did you think there were no options? Think twice! Chocolate, rice pudding, pumpkin pie, and even some variants of cookies, cakes and punch are part of the keto menu.

On websites like The Diet Doctor you will find a complete menu with recipes included of different keto-friendly meals that you can prepare during the holidays (source: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/recipes/happy-holidays). Warning! You will not be able to resist the temptation of trying them all!

The holidays are a time of family union, sharing and indulging yourself. Laura and Andrés not only share with us the philosophy of Nature’s Discount for a healthier life, they also became our keto chefs when they showed us a variety of dishes that immediately made our mouths water. We cannot wait to taste them without feeling guilty!