World Heart Day was celebrated recently, that’s why it is a perfect time to remember the importance of good cardiovascular health.

At Nature’s Discount, we help you take care of your health naturally. Today we want to discuss how to keep your heart healthy and strong. A good diet, exercise, and moments of joy  along with these two tips will help you maintain a healthy heart.  

Take care of your cholesterol

Every time we hear or read the word cholesterol in nutritional labels we want to run the opposite direction, but actually, a healthy level of cholesterol is necessary for the body to function properly.  The basic rule says that cholesterol is only dangerous when it’s found in high levels. It is worth knowing that there is also a distinction between “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol, or low-density lipoproteins (LDL) leads to a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries hindering circulation,  which can cause cardiovascular problems. Good cholesterol, or high-density lipoproteins (HDL), transports bad cholesterol to the liver. Your liver will then remove bad cholesterol from your body.

A diet high in fiber and low in fat, accompanied by a daily exercise routine will help you stimulate good cholesterol levels. Also, supplements can help you  raise good HDL levels.

Flax Borage Omega 3-6-9 Complex Sgels 90’s soft capsules with flaxseed oil, borage oil, and fish oil are a good source of essential fatty acids. The combination of Omega 3-6-9 will help you reduce bad cholesterol levels and raise good HDL levels. This will help prevent cardiovascular disease, among other benefits.

Check your blood pressure

Each time our heart beats, blood is pumped through the body by the arteries.  The force with which blood is pumped through the arteries walls is known as blood pressure.

 Why are we mentioning this?

Maintaining  your blood pressure at healthy levels is crucial  for the body. High blood pressure means that the heart overloads itself to pump blood with greater force, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and even kidney failure.

The mixture of natural ingredients such as hawthorn and ligustrum found in the Blood Pressure Tea from Prince of Peace promotes balanced blood pressure levels. In addition, its preparation follows traditional oriental techniques to preserve the quality of the ingredients.

Taurine found in vegetable capsules such as Taurine 500mg Vcaps 100’s promotes cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure levels.  In addition, among other benefits, this product has antioxidant properties.

It is also important that you check your blood pressure levels regularly in a health center or with the appropriate instruments at home since, for some people, high blood pressure doesn’t present  any symptoms.

Cardiovascular health is not something to play with. Cardiovascular incidents  are one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Nature’s Discount invites you to take action and start your path to a healthier life.