After all the excess we go through the holidays, you are probably in need of some time to recover. Your body isn’t exactly in its best shape after all that heavy Christmas food and drinks, plus carrying out bad habits like overeating and staying up late. Then, you may be looking for a fast method to go back to who you used to be before the holidays.

That is when detoxing comes in handy. It consists of a short period of time in which you follow a strict regime with the goal of eliminating the maximum possible amount of toxins from your body.

So, if you are planning to go through detox to make your gut healthy again, Nature’s Discount has the best tips to show you how to do it in a way that is safe for your body:

Drinking Only Specific Beverages

Whichever detoxification method you are following, the most important part is to always stay properly hydrated. Water is the go-to for any occasion, but since you will be going through a lot of dietary restrictions, it is also necessary that you ingest it along with other ingredients.

Because drinking warm water with lemon or salted water can help with digestion, many people take it as a natural morning laxative. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies are also essential to obtain many necessary nutrients if you are opting for a mostly liquid diet.

Nutritionist Johanna Stroo recommends ditching addictive caffeine and sugary drinks if you really want to see a change in your body. You can replace them with water and teas such as Green Tea. The latter is an excellent metabolism booster and encourages the growth of good gut bacteria.

Doing Intermittent Fasting

You don’t need to starve with a 1-3 day fasting to achieve results. The method of intermittent fasting only requires you to stop eating before seven in the evening and then resume eating at lunch the next day. For breakfast, you can drink a cup of green tea or a glass of lemon water. It may be difficult the first day, but your body will soon get used to it.

Knowing it could be challenging for you, we at Nature’s Discount have selected the best natural products to aid in your fasting. Together, these supplements provide nutrients, proteins, enzymes that you may lack in this strict diet. We even added a vegan anti-stress drink to help you stay grounded during these times.

Practice Healthy Habits

The best way to enhance your detox plan is to simply switch to a healthier lifestyle. You can begin by adding some light exercise to your daily routine. If you are not the type of person to go out for a run in the morning, you could even try morning yoga. Of course, you would also have to get rid of any damaging habits such as smoking or cutting your sleep hours short.

Just stick to a healthy routine so your gut and mind will feel better in no time!