This weekend we went to the beach, and while we were enjoying a sunny day, we became friends with our beach neighbours. Being the lovers of a healthy life we are, we ended up talking about good habits and nutrition.

Our beach neighbour asked us about the Keto diet. She told us she was very interested, but she didn’t know if a tropical paradise was a suitable place to do it. From Nature’s Discount we want to share with you what we learned that day.

How to know if this diet is good for me?

A ketogenic diet means a change in your diet. Carbs go down to a 5% of your food portion, while fats go up to  75%, and protein makes up the remaining 20% of your diet. (source:

Your body will go on a state called ketosis. It is through this process that energy is obtained from ketones – a nutrient obtained from the fats found in the liver. This process takes a few days, and there are other tips you can follow to get there in a non-invasive way. (source:

It might  sound like a trick, but it is true! You will become a fat-burning machine, and combined with habits such as exercise, rest and moments of relaxation, you will achieve a new, healthier lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight in a faster and more controlled way, this diet is for you.

Losing weight is just the cherry on the cake. Changing your lifestyle will improve your metabolic functions, stabilize your sugar levels and improve your brain and cardiovascular health. This diet even brings benefits to athletes and cancer patients (source:

There are some specific conditions under which it is not recommended to follow a keto diet, and they include patients with type 1 diabetes, people with kidney and / or pancreas problems, hypoglycemia, and pregnant women. In all scenarios, it is important to visit a specialist before starting this diet.

Is a ketogenic diet possible if you live on an island in the Caribbean?

Of course, it is! In fact, you have an advantage over many people.

Among the most recommended foods as part of a Keto diet you will find fish and shellfish, and do you know where you can find many of those? On a tropical island!

Other recommended foods include meat, cheese, eggs, olive and coconut oil, and nuts (source: You can find all of them in  a magical paradise too.

Even to prepare delicious “fat bombs” between meals like the ones you find in the Miss Fit Living blog (source: you won’t have much trouble finding the ingredients.

At Nature’s Discount, you will find the best supplements to help you complement your diet and balance the nutrients your body needs in this new Keto path.

So now you know, with a little organisation and a specialist´s help, a Keto life can be your ideal choice while enjoying the sunsets and waves of the Caribbean. At Nature’s Discount, we join you on this path to a healthier life.