The shining sun, the white sand, and the soft wind,  make your hair move like you are a top model when you walk, a beach that would make even the Little Mermaid jealous, are incredible natural attractions of paradisiacal islands like Aruba.

For those who live in the island , these natural attractions are a gift  available to them 24/7. This gift may even cause you to be the envy of thousands of tourists each year.

But if you live on a paradise like Aruba, and waves are your second home, there is a part of you that might be crying out for help without you noticing: your hair.

What do you mean by “My hair”?

Things that make Aruba a wonderful island and an attractive place could negatively affect your hair’s health. Have you ever noticed that sometimes your hair dries up, becomes more fragile, to the point that it ends up looking like Straw Hair Witch? These are some of the reasons this happens:

1) Salt can extract the water from your hair fiber and dehydrate it.

2) The sun’s rays weaken your hair and can dry it.

3) The breeze, on the other hand, blows particles and sand out of your hair.

Not all News are Bad News!

Hair tends to recover from environmental damages quicker than you may think. There are some basic tips that you can put into practice to keep it healthy and alive on a paradisiatic  island like Aruba. Below, we share 3 tips that will help you take good care of your hair:

1. Moisturize your hair constantly, and wash it with fresh water after bathing on the beach or the pool.

2. Use a style that protects your hair, like braids or a ponytail.

3. You can always use hats, which will also add a chic look to your outfit.

Have you thought about what else could you do to keep your hair hydrated and healthy? You are about to read some lines about the perfect companion for a shimmering hair: argan oil and its properties:

Argan, the gold of the desert

Argan oil is a powerful extract that comes from the seeds of Argan trees, which are  found in the southwest of Morocco. Argan oil is also known as “liquid gold”, which is no coincidence.

It was given this name for its large variety of uses, not only cosmetic ones but also nutritional. The experts Gérard Lizard, Younes Filali-Zegzouti, and Adil El Midaoui wrote an article collecting  dozens of studies that endorse this tree properties, even when treating deathly pathologies(source:

Because of its high levels of Vitamin E and Omega-3, Argan oil is especially useful to improve your hair’s health. A shining  healthy hair is not impossible on the beautiful beaches of Aruba!

The oil extracted from the seeds of Argan trees keeps your scalp moisturized and even promotes hair growth. Argan oil also helps you repair split ends and control frizz.

Do you tend to change your hair color according to your personality and fashion trend? Argan oil can make your hair color last longer!

And if you like to change the way you style your hair constantly, Argan oil also protects your hair when using flat irons and dryers.

It is truly a concentrated gold mine!

Argan oil can be used  for its cosmetic properties. It is the main component of many  creams, lotions, and even soaps. If you want to maximize its potential, you can use it in daily products such as Argan shampoo 16oz and Argan conditioner 16oz Renpure.

From the South West of Morocco, and brought directly to the wonderful island of Aruba, argan oil is something that shouldn’t be missing from your shopping list!