Aruba -One Happy Island- is a paradisiacal place full of things to do. Activities can range from shopping and a relaxing day at the beach or the pool to practicing extreme land and aquatic sports.

This magical island is also a promising place for romantic encounters. Aruba offers its residents and visitors the best landscapes to get away from stress and ignite the passion with their partners.

But, what if I cannot feel the magic?

Our everyday activities could become overwhelming. We plunge into routine and stress, and we even forget what a healthy sex life is like.

You can almost feel the flame go extinct…

This topic is more common than you might think. Recently, more than 150 people attended an event related to achieving a healthy sex life that took place in our very own Happy Island of the Caribbean. As part of his “Natural Sexuality” talk, Dr. Carlos Viana presented some of the secrets to achieving a better sex life in a natural way.

If you could not be part of the event, and you feel your flame is extinguished, we invite you to continue reading and find the formula to improve your sex life in a more natural way.

Let’s bring the magic back!

The first thing you should know is that you are not alone in this process. Many people have felt the same way, so doctors and therapists have devoted their time to study  how to overcome this situation.

Such is the case of Dr. Janet Brito (2018), who wrote an article  presenting a series of tips for those who want to improve their sexual life. As part of her article, she also presents medical evidence that supports the effectiveness of her tips. (

1) Go aphrodisiac!

Chocolate, cinnamon, figs, strawberries, wine, and seafood (among others), not only provide nutrients to your body, but they also have properties such as improving the circulation and blood flow in the genital area. Also, these foods stimulate your sexual desire and your five senses, some people even say they activate a sixth one…

In the same way, there are some products you can find on the market that can help you. For example, the Libido-max for Women Liquid Soft-Gels 16’s was specifically designed to induce a pleasant heating effect in the body, and promote a relaxed mental state.

2) Exercise and rest

Lack of energy and fatigue could lower your sexual drive. On the other hand, exercising will not only help you improve your body image and increase your self-esteem and libido, but it will also keep your body active and ready for action.

3) Monitor your health

a regular check-up with your general doctor can identify any hormonal imbalance or any health problem that may affect your sex life.

In the case of men, doctors might recommend some natural options as the Prostate Defense Soft-Gels 50’s during their regular check-ups. This supplement contains Saw Palmetto extract, a natural remedy known for keeping the prostate healthy. This product improves the genitourinary system by providing the specific nutrients the prostate needs, and also by improving the urinary flow.

4) Communicate with your partner

keep the communication flowing; plan activities to break from the routine and take you out of the room; look for some “together” moments. Don’t let time constraints be an excuse for growing apart as a couple.

5) Follow a healthy diet

the right food will provide your body with essential nutrients and help it regulate its functions. A healthy body will give you the physical and mental energy you need to keep an active sexual life.

By following these tips, you´ll find yourself closing the door and letting the kids sleep a little more, coming up with excuses for your group of friends, and letting yourself fall into the magic of the Happy Island of the Caribbean…