Who would have thought there was such a wide range of possibilities for the body’s overall health and well-being within these small, festive, red fruits?

Yet, during centuries, cranberries have been planted, harvested, and ingested by natives in a variety of ways. You can find cranberries in delicious meals, as well as for medical and ceremonial uses.

Cranberries have been part of North American traditional gastronomy for many years now.  They have benefitted many cultures with its healthy properties and delicious flavor.

However, in recent years, these berries’ popularity has risen due to the Health Food Industry and the re-discovery of their benefits. 

Cranberries go beyond the home-made remedies that have gone around from household to household, like drinking cranberry juice when facing a Urinary Tract Infection, and even past the traditional uses like cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving. 

Cranberries have revolutionized how we see food as more than basic nourishment and more as an actual source of energy and Health.

Don’t believe us yet? 

Let us show you the incredible range of health possibilities found within these delicious berries!

Story of Cranberries

As the name implies, cranberries are berries from the evergreen dwarf shrub of the same name found in North America, Central and Northern Europe, and Chile.

The variety most known and consumed is the American variety, known as Vaccinium macrocarpon, cultivated in the United States of America, Canada, and Chile.

The use of this variety can be traced back to 1550  approximately, where explorer James White Norwood wrote in his diary about the Native Americas using cranberries.

It is also known that this same variety has been cultivated for centuries by the Narragansett people, North American Natives, using cranberries as food and dye. They presumably introduced these berries to colonists in Massachusetts. 

For centuries, cranberries have belonged in the cupboards and plates of North American families, only recently reaching  a more global audience due to the many benefits this superfruit provides  to our overall health.
But how exactly do cranberries benefit our health?

Benefits of Cranberries for the Overall Health

Cranberries, like most fruits, berries, and vegetables, provide nutrients that are essential for the correct maintenance and function of our bodies.

However, unlike many of its berry and fruit family, cranberries contain a large amount of these nutrients, to the point of being considered similarly to  Goji and Acai berries, and  Elderberries.

Within these delicious fruits, we can find high contents of Vitamin C. Which boosts the natural infection-fighting antioxidants of the body; helping fight off harmful bacteria, diseases, and free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of the Oxidative Stress, one of the main contributors of early aging.

Cranberries pack such a high quantity of antioxidants, only  one cup of cranberries amounts to a total of 8,983 total antioxidant capacity (TAC); while also amounting to only 45 calories per cup.

Cranberries are  rich in antioxidants as well as a wealth of other nutrients can be found within their juicy flesh:

  • Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, E, and K1.
  • Fiber.
  • Natural Sugars.
  • Copper and Manganese.

Cranberries are also rich in other plant compounds, with a series of health benefits of their own, such as:

  • Quercetin and Myricetin, antioxidant compounds responsible for fighting off infections and chronic diseases, as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Peonidin, which are responsible for the bright red color of cranberries, have shown strong inhibitory effects on in vitro cancer cells. Cranberries are one of the primary natural sources of Peonidin.
  • Ursolic Acid, known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects.
  • A-type proanthocyanidins are also called PACs, which are polyphenols known for their effective properties in preventing and treating Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

These PACs are perhaps the best “unknown” compounds within all the nutrients in the cranberries, to the point of making Cranberries the most renowned home remedy against UTIs.

However, many people know very little about PACS themselves. To no surprise, there is more to know about them than you might imagine.

Everything About PACs

The A-type Proanthocyanidins, or PACS, are these naturally occurring compounds found in cranberries, which happen to have UTI-preventing properties.

But, how exactly does PACs help prevent and treat UTIs?

PACs have strong anti-adherent properties, which stops bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall and the inner urinary tract walls, reducing the chance of suffering from infections.

This anti-adherent property  helps flush out impurities, and bacteria, from the bladder and through the urinary tract. Which successfully supports the bladder’s health.

PACs are an effective natural compound found in Cranberries, which non-stick, preventing, and cleaning properties you cannot miss. 

Older Adults and the Benefits of Cranberry

As we age, many of the body’s normal daily processes tend to slow down and most of our tissues, muscles, and even our Immune System and our protective cells grow weaker.

Older adults are more prone to suffer from recurrent UTIs; these are common age-related issues.

But do not worry anymore, cranberries can help! 

The rich amount of antioxidants they provide boost the Immune System, preparing it to fight-off harmful viruses and bacteria that ultimately cause infections and diseases.

Cranberries also pack the previously mentioned PACs, which help prevent regular UTIs and are ideal to prevent and help treat recurrent Urinary tract Infections.

Most UTIs are usually treated exclusively with antibiotics, which is indeed very effective, but treating recurrent UTIs with antibiotics, time and time again can end up being detrimental for one’s health.

Since antibiotics are used to fight a specific strain of bacteria they use their whole chemical force to eradicate the strain one time. This can eventually lead to antibiotic resistance towards the infectious bacteria. 

This means that the antibiotics will no longer be effective against the bacteria, who will continue to grow and thrive, causing infections to appear again stronger and more frequently.

However, the PACs in  cranberries are the perfect non-antibiotic option to help prevent and treat recurrent UTIs without creating any resistance.

Even to the point where in May 2019 The American Urological Association (AUA) included the use of PACs found in cranberries in its guidelines to help prevent UTIs.

You can Supplement Cranberry in Different Ways

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Both of them include an additional inclusion of Vitamin C to help boost the Immune System and prevent UTIs. 

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