Activated charcoal: the secret to oral hygiene

We all heard the phrase “start your day with a smile”, and when living on a dream island like Aruba, who wouldn’t have a reason to smile?

The truth is that smiling is not only contagious, it also inspires confidence and credibility, but it also relaxes you, and makes you happy. A cheerful smile undoubtedly shows good oral health.

Today we reveal a secret to keep your mouth healthy: activated charcoal, but not the one from Sunday barbecues. Now you might ask yourself the question, what is the secret story behind this compound that “magically” contributes to my oral health?

A lump of coal like no other

To create this carbon, carbon-rich materials such as coal, wood, sawdust, coconut shells, and peat are exposed to very high temperatures.

These high temperatures “activate” the materials, making them release the molecules that were originally attached to them. This procedure increases their porosity, allowing new molecules to adhere to the new material.

The result of this process is a black powder, very similar to the one that is left on your grill after making a barbecue but make no mistake: this one has nothing to do with cooking charcoal.

Activated charcoal is recognized for its multiple uses in filtering liquids, absorption of odors and humidity, and it has even been used to save seriously poisoned people.

Do you remember having an auntie who always kept “special” coal in the refrigerator or in your cousins’ room? She was probably putting one of these coals into good use.

A smile that will  make people go blind

You might feel a bit skeptical when you read about the fact that activated charcoal is actually quite useful for whitening your teeth. After all, coal smudges on everything, doesn’t  it?

Experts such as Dr. Steven Lin indicate that, even though it is not entirely proven that activated carbon eliminates bacteria growth in the mouth, it works as a natural teeth whitening ally.


Although there is still research to be done to know if it effectively prevents bacteria growth, activated charcoal does help clean the bacteria that is already in your mouth.

Specialists in oral hygiene indicate that activated charcoal helps prevent cavities, halitosis and oral diseases such as gingivitis , by balancing  the pH of the mouth, (source:

And now that you know its health benefits, you will surely want to know a little more about this compound! Activated charcoal is mostly available as a powder presentation. Depending on its use, there are also “bars” created with compressed charcoal.

If we talk about oral health, there are also non-abrasive toothpaste presentations such as the activated charcoal toothpaste gel – mint 5.1oz, which includes activated charcoal  material among its ingredients.

And now! Healthy teeth, a dazzling smile, and  with the paradisiacal landscape of Aruba in the background you just need to:

Say cheese!