This week we were talking with Laura, one of our friends at the “Nature’s Discount Membership Program”. Everyone in her house got a cold, and she was worried that her neighbor Andrea was right and that the cause was lack of Vitamin C consumption.

While we were drinking a delicious cup of green tea, we told Laura that, even though taking vitamin C to prevent the common cold is a somewhat controversial issue, it did have some incidence in reducing the duration of it, a light in the dark!

There was still some tea in our cups, so we continued our conversation about how vitamin C was more than just an ally against the cold. We want to share the information with you.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which also strengthens your immune system and helps improve your skin. In addition, it participates in the synthesis of collagen, and keeps connective tissues, bones, teeth, and blood vessels in shape. (Source:

Despite its importance, we do not produce or store this vitamin. Being soluble in water, our body daily discards any excess of vitamin C in our body. This means we must take it from food to maintain proper nutrition.

If we do not take an adequate daily dose of vitamin C, we may face conditions such as bleeding gums, joint pain, risk of infection, problems when healing wounds, fatigue, and even scurvy.

At Nature’s Discount we bring you three of the best Vitamin C sources that will help you can keep your vitamin C levels at an optimal and healthy level.

Colors and more colors!

Fruits and vegetables are by far two of the best daily Vitamin C sources. They provide beautiful colors and a succulent variety of flavors and possibilities of recipes, they will also keep your body protected and up to date.

Some of the vegetables that you can include in your diet and that contain a good vitamin C load include broccoli (81.2 mg), cauliflower (51.6 mg), red, green and yellow peppers (190 mg), and sweet potato (2.4 mg).

Fruits are also a great source of vitamin C. Eating fruits will keep your body hydrated and provide you with the needed dose of Vitamin C. . Some fruits that you should always keep on your market list include guava (377 mg), papaya (95.6 mg), kiwi (64 mg), and oranges (124 mg). (Source:

Imagine the amount of dishes you can prepare with all these ingredients! They will make your mouth water! A nutritious daily feast.

Supplement your diet

While fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamin C, the cooking process can cause food to lose a good part of its nutritional value. If you add to that a fast lifestyle and a small variety of foods in your diet, taking supplements can become your third source of vitamin C.

Supplements such as Solaray Vitamin C 1000 mg 100 tablets will provide the necessary dose of vitamin C that your body needs to be able to strengthen your immune system and maintain the health of bones, teeth and gums. On the other hand, supplements such as EMERGEN-C FOR EVERYDAY NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT offer you a different and delicious way to take this vitamin, and in addition to offering a variety of flavors, they also provide vitamin B to keep your body full of energy (source:

With such important benefits and the need to replenish it daily, it is important that we take action on the matter and maintain healthy levels of Vitamin C. Your body and your health will thank you for that.

Two cups of tea and a good conversation later, Laura was happy to know the benefits of vitamin C that she did not know about. In addition, she was also glad to know all the sources of food where she could find it. She was happy to know that she can spoil her family with delicious meals. In Nature’s Discount we are your allies for a healthier lifestyle.