Every afternoon María and Enzo enjoy going to the park and getting some ice cream with their grandchildren.  Pedro likes going to the beach every weekend with the friends he made while he worked in construction. Meanwhile, Sofia is a fan of the underwater adventures of Aruba.

If you like spending time outdoors or enjoy the adventures that the One Happy Island has to offer, you must make sure you have everything under control. At Nature’s Discount, we share with you how to protect your skin from sun exposure with  3 daily habits and some secret allies. 

1) Wear fresh and light clothes

If you want to avoid the direct effects of sun’s rays, wear clothes made out of light but effective materials (such as cotton) that cover most of your body. Also,  contrary to popular belief, dark clothing is a better option when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. The black dye makes clothing threads thicker making it more difficult for UV rays to reach your skin. 

If you go to the beach, complete your outfit with a hat and sunglasses.  These fashion accessories will help you protect sensitive areas such as your face and neck.

2) Protect your skin against UV rays

Avoid going under the sun from noon until around 4 PM. During this period, the strength of  UV rays is higher than at any other time. Do not wait to be exposed to the sun to protect your skin. Also, remember that sunscreens need a little time (about 30 minutes depending on the brand) to start acting. 

If we talk about protecting our skin against the sun, sunscreens are your main allies to achieve healthy skin.

The Sunscreen for Face & Body Sport – SPF20 3oz is a great tool to protect your skin against UV rays. All Stream2Seas products provide the antioxidant properties of green tea, Tulsi, wakame and olive leaf. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t need to worry because the product is suitable for all skin types.  

The natural tint of the Eco Tinted Sunscreen for Body Sports – SPF30 1oz reduces the bleaching effect of mineral sunscreens. Not only that, this sunscreen blends well with almost any skin tone.

Watch out! UV rays have the ability to pass through clouds. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen even if the day looks cool and cloudy.

3) Keep your skin hydrated

Moisturizers or water-based spray lotions will keep your skin hydrated on the surface. Staying hydrated will keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. The longer you spend under the sun, the greater the amount of fluid you will lose. This will affect your skin in the short, medium, and long term. 

Have you ever gotten sunburn after going to the park or the beach? Did you have an unpleasant encounter with nature? Sometimes these situations are inevitable, but we still have tools that will help our skin recover with no problems.

 The Sun & Sting Relief Gel 1oz relieves discomfort and pain caused by prolonged sun exposure, insect bites or reactions against sea creatures.  Its aloe and green tea compounds help your skin restore, while its powerful blend of essential oils and enzymes refresh it after being sun exposure. 

The best part of Stream2Seas products is that their organic and biodegradable compounds do not harm marine life when you rinse them in the shower or in the sea.

Don’t forget that skincare should continue after sun exposure! Having fun outdoors will no longer be a problem for your skin if you follow these habits and keep the tools we mentioned by your side.