19 october – 7:30pm via Zoom

Learn how to improve your Immune System and Brain Health through strengthening your digestive system in this inline event open to the general public.

The event will be conducted by

Carlos M Viana, Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N) and Oriental
Medical Doctor (O.M.D).

You will receive all the tools for taking your Immune System and Brain Health to the top.

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List of topics to be discussed at the event:


Connection between gut and brain.


Tips for improving your brain health & digestive system.


How to incorporate simple habits into your life to improve your health.


How to eat healthy.


Why you need to reduce stress and how it affects your immunity.


The impact of exercise over the brain and immunity.


The importance of sleep to recover and rejuvenate


How to supplement your diet for better nutrition.

Attend this wonderful online event brought to you by Solgar! It’s an opportunity to help you achieve your health goals.

October 19 Follow this link at 7:30 pm:

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